• New orders for one service area and three new gas stations (maximum 60 in Korea)
  • The 5rd Expressway Outdoor wedding Ceremony (Hwanggan Service Area)
  • The 26th Namdo Food Culture Big Festival Namdo Unit Cooking Contest / Bosungnokcha Service Area a silver prize
  • Opened a hydrogen station for the first time in a service area(Anseong Gas Station)


  • New orders for seven service area and three new gas stations (maximum 56 in Korea)
  • Award for Best Facilities for the Evaluation of Korean Highway Corporation's Operating Service / Service Area : Participation prize-Bosungnokcha(To Mockpo), Jirisan(To Daegu, To Gwangju) / Gas station : Participation prize - Hwasung(To Mockpo)
  • Korea Highway Corporation EX-FOOD Competition / Resting Facilities Association Award Winner Chupungnyeong(To Seoul) Service Area
  • 20th Beautiful Toilet the grand prize / Bosungnokcha(To Mockpo) a bronze prize / Special Award Winner Hwaseong(To Seoul) Service Area
  • The 25th Namdo Food Culture Big Festival Namdo Unit Cooking Contest / Bosungnokcha Service Area a gold prize
  • Opened Maesong Service Area, Seohaean Expressway (operating the largest number [46] of service areas in Korea)


  • Acquired Majang Premium Service Area
  • Hwaseong Service Area, aired by YTN Gold Compass
  • 2017 EX FOOD Danyang(To Busan) Saebaeng-i seafood soft tofu stew, Jirisan(To Daegu) Chunhyang nam-won chueotang.


  • Addition of two service areas and three gas stations (a total of 41 service areas)
  • Resting place in 2016 National rating 1st grade : Jirisan(To Daegu) Service Area
  • Selected as EX-FOOD by Korea Highway Corporation: Hwaseong(To Mokpo) Jirisan(To Gwangju) Service Area Chunhyang Namwon Chuangtang
  • Kim Jin-gyeong appointed Representative Director.


  • The 63rd Seminar of Freight Transportation Research Forum
  • Hwaseong (southbound) Service Area, Commendation from Gyeongin Regional Korea Food & Drug Administration
  • The 4th Expressway Outdoor Wedding Ceremony (Hwanggan Service Area)
  • MOU concluded for Saemangeum Embankment Sinsido Service Area
  • Nine service areas obtained HACCP certification
  • Selected as a preferred bidder for the private project of Seohaean Expressway Maesong Truck Service Area
  • Selected as EX-FOOD by Korea Highway Corporation: Hwanggan(To Seoul) resting place Pork Kimchi, Okcheon(To Seoul) resting place Oriental Chicken Gourmet, Chupungnyeong(To Busan) Service Area Festival black pork kochujang grilled barbecued meat


  • Okcheon Service Area(To seoul) won the grand prize, in the Korea Expressway Corporation Service Awards
  • Opened a car wash for the first time in a service area (Hwaseong Service Area)
  • The 8th Expressway Outdoor Music Concert (Hwaseong Service Area)
  • The 3rd Expressway Outdoor Wedding Ceremony (Hwanggan (northbound)Service Area)
  • Jirisan Service Area, ranked 1st in Jeonnam, customer service monitoring
  • Goesan Service Area (To Masan), Commendation from the Korea Expressway Corporation, Gangwon Branch
  • Contribution Prize for Service Area Development, CEO of the Korea Expressway Corporation
  • Oksan Service Area, selected as the Best Dish, by MBC, Delicious TV (soft tofu stew)
  • Okcheon (To Seoul) Service Area, selected as Honest Restaurant, by Channel A, Food X File (chicken soup with medicinal herbs)


  • Namseongju Service Area, Beautiful Toilet Award, Bronze Prize
  • Goesan Service Area(To Masan), selected as an Exemplary Business by Goesan-gun
  • Hwaseong Service Area, 4th Korea Toilet Culture Award, Enterprise Commendation
  • Hwaseong Service Area, 7th Autumn Music Concert
  • Goesan Service Area(To Masan) opened with new facilities
  • Jirisan Service Area, 2012 Best Resources Recycling Service Area
  • 5 New Service Area, 5 New Gas Stations (total of 36 resting facilities)


  • Six non-brand gas stations opened including Danyang 
  • Selected as one of 2011 Best Service Areas (Jirisan Service Area(north/southbound), Namseongju Service Area (southbound)


  • MOU with the Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Jirisan Service Area opened


  • Expanded the network of service areas and gas stations (addition of Chupungnyeong, Namseongju, Jirisan, and Danyang)